Partnership Pictures was founded back in 1993 in Prague, Czech Republic. Partnership produce commercials for the Czech market and service production companies from all over the world.

We had a great times with directors like Gerard de Thame, Tomas Jonsgarden, Joseph Kahn, Jaci Judelson, Bruce St. Clair, Ornette Spenceley, Miranda Bowen, Harald Zwart, Simon Cracknell, Patricia Murphy, Miles Goodall, Ago Panini, Who? and many others. See Commercials section for our housereel with full credits. 

We live for the featured films – Bille AugustTerry GilliamRian JohnsonEmir KusturicaGregory HoblitAnthony Hemingway, Mike Newell are directors who Ales worked with on films like Red TailsThe Brothers BloomThe Brothers GrimmHart’s WarThe Affair of the NecklaceLes Miserables 1991- 1994, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Series I- III, Ales’ IMDB details here.


ales komarek Ales Komarek
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