| Covid19 Situation as of February 4th, 2021

!!! new 5 days self-isolation rule for the UK / US citizens in place. No quarantine for other EU natinalities except of Spain and Portugal. !!!

Covid situation in the CZ stays the same. Hotels are open for the business travellers, restaurants are take away only, non-essential shops are closed for the public but some are open for the B2B (like hobby-markets). On the other hand there are both commercials and film shoots happening on the regular basis therefore all processes have been tested and fine tuned by many projects. 

No restrictions on crew size and castings. Travelling for work for the US / UK citizens allowed and all necessary peperwork easy to get (turnaround time 2 working days only). 

On set Covid safety protocols in place. Remote shooting is a new standard. On set safety is essential for everyone involved. All crew tested before the shoot, equipment is sanitised regularly, social distancing where possible, touch-less craft service, separate dining areas for on-set and off-set crew ... all the usual stuff that is hopefully going to become a history soon.

Stay safe and see you soon!

Your Partnership team