| Ales Komarek


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| Jakub Malek


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Partnership Pictures was born back in 1993. We are Ales and Jakub. Ales is feature films, Jakub commercials. Both passionate for filmmaking. 

Throughout the years we had a great times with the directors like Floria Sigismondi, Jake Nava, Joseph Kahn, Alex Feil, Chris Balmond, Stylewar, Rune Milton, Tomas Jonsgarden, Anthony Mandler, Sara Marandi, Patrik Giardino, Carole Denis, Rane Tiukkanen, Wilfrid Brimo, Jakob Ström, Graham Rose, Simon Cole, Gerard de Thame, Bruce St. Clair, Ornette Spenceley, Miranda Bowen, Harald Zwart, Simon Cracknell, Patricia Murphy, Ago Panini, Who? and many others. See the Commercials section to find out more. 

We live for the feature films too – Bille August, Terry Gilliam, Rian Johnson, Emir Kusturica, Gregory Hoblit, Anthony Hemingway, Mike Newell are directors who Ales worked with on films like Red Tails, The Wheel of Time (TV Series), Outlander (TV Series), The Brothers Bloom, The Brothers Grimm, Hart’s War, The Affair of the Necklace, Les Miserables 1991- 1994, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Series I- III, Ales’ IMDB details here.